BMC has established an ‘Eye-care Hope Project’, to support low-income family children to get glasses2014-07-07

Aimed to take care of low-income family children's vision health, BMC has established an ‘Eye-care Hope Project’, cooperating with TFCF(Taiwan Fund for Children and Family) to help needy children to get free glasses during their school stage.

According to TFCF, among all the needy children TFCF has sponsored, there are over a thousand children who can’t afford glasses. Through this project, needy children’s vision can be properly taken care. 
This ‘Eye-care Hope project’ is also supported by Kobayashi Optical, one of BMC’s best partners, who will provide free eye exams to ensure those kids proper vision care.

BMC has urged employees to donate one-day salary as the first money of the fund. The company will continuously sponsor the fund by donating 1% revenue of per contact lens box sell.

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