The Key to Long-Lasting Moisture for Contact Lenses

The key to long-lasting moisture for contact lenses is retaining water in the lens and reducing evaporation.

Although the high water content lenses are soft and comfortable, they will absorb even more tears when water in the lenses vaporizes, resulting in eye dryness. Therefore, emphasizing the characteristic of retaining water whilst reducing evaporation when choosing contact lenses is the key to maintain the lens' moisture for a longer time. It effectively reduces the rate of water lost in the lens, elevating the water-retaining effect, and ensures the lenses are moist.

Our miacare "SOHO daily soft contact lens" helps to solve this problem through the innovative EAUMAX™ 3D Aqua-Chain Technology. Our double moisturizing agents: hyaluronic acid (HA) and sodium alginate (SA) help with moisturizing the lens forming gel-like long-lasting moisturizing agents to inhibit water evaporation and incorporated with the GMMA macromolecule hydrophilic material lens, the water evaporation rate is even slower.

Through the interactive collaboration of macromolecule hydrophilic lens material, hyaluronic acid and sodium alginate, it is easier to connect with water molecules, and therefore optimizes moisture lock-in capability and provides wearers with comfortable and hydrated lenses and healthy eyes.